Ohio Shrine Association

The Ohio Shrine Association was organized in 1981. It holds its annual business meeting on the first weekend in March in the home city of the President's Shrine Center.

The organization of six Ohio Shrine Centers promotes cordiality and friendship, it harmonizes resolutions of territorial and jurisdictional questions and the exchange of affirmative ideas regarding membership, uniformity of fees and dues and Shrine club relationships.

This year Shriners of Ohio will again hold their annual newspaper distribution to raise money for the Shriners 22 Orthopedic and Burns Hospitals for Children. The project dubbed SO HELP - Shriners of Ohio Hospital Edition Local Paper.

Several Nobles were skeptical as they worked diligently on preparations for the initial program in 1978. But the donations came in and the four-page tabloid was a big success. The Ohio Shrine Association gave the Hospitals a check for $150,000. as a result of the first state-wide effort.
Ohio Shrine Association Officers


Fred Robinson, P.P.

Syrian Shriners, Cincinnati, Ohio
1st Vice President

Robert E. Secoy, P.P.

Zenobia Shriners, Perrysburg, Ohio
2nd Vice President

Gary DeMoss, P.P.

Tadmor Shriners, Akron, Ohio
3rd Vice President

Scott Lipps, P.P.

Antioch Shriners, Dayton, Ohio
4th Vice President

R. Gordon Hastler, P.P.

Al Koran Shriners, Broadview Heights, OH

Secretary - Treasurer

John (Jack) Connor, P.P.

Al Koran Shriners, Broadview Heights, Ohio

5th Vice President

Jon M. Kinney, Chief Rabban

Aladdin Shriners, Columbus, OH

Secretary - Treasurer

Ronald L. Leonard Potentate

Aladdin Shriners, Columbus, Ohio
Al Koran 

Columbus OH

Cleveland OH

Dayton OH

Cincinnati OH

Akron OH

Toledo OH